Organizational culture

What is a “Cultural Program” and How to Program “Collective Mind” within Organization? (Modelling of Ethical and Sensing Codes of Organizational Culture)

The article discusses typological model of ethical and sensing codes of organizational culture, which presents additional interpretation of the results of order diagnostics of organizational culture and establishes a relationship between the state of organizational culture and the organizational task that the enterprise is solving. The article proposes definitions of the following concepts: “ethical and sensing system of organizational culture”, “ethical and sensing matrix of culture”, “ethical and sensing code” and “ethical and sensing program of culture”.

Determinants of Organizational Development

The search of cultural characteristics of the organization which determine innovative development is the important scientific problem. We have held empirical research on the results of which the socially-psychological model of innovative culture of the enterprise has been constructed. Used methods: the included supervision, interviewing, an expert estimation, an interrogation by special technique which we have created. Statistical methods. Empirical basis: the innovative enterprises created on the basis of high schools, and traditionally developing large industrial enterprises.

Leader's Emotional Intelligence as a Factor Influencing Organizational Culture



The author considers the concept of organizational culture, leadership, emotional intelligence and discusses their relationship. The author complements existing constructs of established phenomena, based on the results of a meta-analysis, analysis of theoretical approaches to studying and working with these phenomena, as well as the practice included work with them in existing organizations.

Leaders’ managerial interaction type and emotional intelligence


This article describes the results of the research, which devotes to the study of leaders’ emotional intelligence and type of his managerial interaction.

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