Review Policy

Review Policy

1. All the manuscripts submitted to the editors are reviewed by the editorial who specialize in the research field of the paper. If it is necessary, the paper is sent to independent experts.

2. Specialists who work in the same institution as any of the authors carrying out the research cannot take part in a peer review.

3. Reviewers are informed that the manuscripts sent for review are authors’ property and contain confidential information that must not be disclosed. Reviewers must not be allowed to make copies of the manuscript for private gain.

4. The peer review must be confidential.

5. Authors of the reviewed papers have a right to read reviewers’ comments.

6. If the reviewer thinks the manuscript needs correcting, it is sent back to the author. In this case the submission date is the date of the corrected version submission.

7. If the author does not agree with the reviewer’s comment, he / she can provide a reasoned answer to the editors. The paper may be sent to a repeated review or to the editorial board for agreement.

8. Final decision of the manuscript publication following the review is made by the Chief Editor and, if it is necessary, by all the members of the editorial board.

9. The journal editorial board forwards to the authors the decision and the copies of the reviews or a justified rejection.

10. The review takes up to 3 months starting with submission of the manuscript or any type of information in accordance with the described requirements.

11. The reviews are stored at the editorial office for 5 years

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