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International Annual Edition of Applied Psychology:

Theory, Research, and Practice


ISSN 2313-4097 (online)


Short title: Int.Annu.Ed.Appl.Psychol.



Electronic Scientific Journal has been publishing since 2014 in English.


The founder and the publisher of the journal is Saratov State University.


The aim of the journal is the promotion of international cooperation in the area of theoretical and practical psychology and presentation of cutting-edge researches.



The journal publishes original articles that cover theoretical topics and empirical studies in psychology.


Articles must be based in theory but offer implications for practice or future research. Topics of interest will vary but can include


- social psychology

- organizational psychology

- cognitive psychology

- health psychology

- educational psychology

- development psychology

- counseling psychology

- law psychology.


Articles that propose new methodologies, interdisciplinary, and cross-cultural approaches are encouraged. The journal will also publish brief reports, commentaries, and news of scientific events.



Language of publication — English


Publication frequency: once a year.


The form of publication: electronic annual periodical issue. It can’t be published in print format.


The access to all issues of the Journal is permanent and free for everybody. All information is available on website: http://interpsy.org


E-mail address of the editorial board of the journal: interpsy.sgu@gmail.com


The principled stand for the editorial board is to make all publications free of charge for everybody.



The Main Principles for the Journal Functioning


  • The Journal includes the materials covering the cutting-edge aspects of psychology, further development of psychological knowledge and its wide spreading.
  • The Journal is aimed to promote the integration of psychological schools of different countries and to form the World Society of Professionals.
  • The standards of the Journal correspond to the publishing requirements and include high-grade finished original articles in different aspects of psychology for the use of specialists.



The materials of the Journal may not be used in other editions in print, electronic or other format without the permission of the publisher. When citing the materials from the «International Annual Edition of Applied Psychology: Theory, Research, and Practice» the reference to the source indicating the network address (URL) is obligatory.



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